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A dance track about the beautiful and olympic city of Sochi! Just get to the dance floor and rock this vibe!!

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  1. Dilkhaz
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    Hey get this! Nineteen replies to my first-ever post on a blog-site aenhwyre! Is that a record! And what about Sublime Oblivion and Tim Newman fighting it out! Two ferrets in a sack or what!May I say Andy’s comment brought a touch of realism and thought to an area that was getting dangerously overheated (where did the Iraq bit come from?) I really do agree with Andy. He is quite right in his comments.I think the real difference between Britain and Russia from a visa point of view is that Britain (and a few other EU countries) has a very generous welfare system. Russia by contrast does not. If you were an economic migrant looking to settle in a new country, Britain’s welfare system would be a huge bonus (pensions you can live on) which Russia simply doesn’t have. So from the point of view of attractiveness to third parties, Britain would need a much tighter visa system than Russia simply to stop a massive inward movement of people. (I suspect that very few people from the West would consider moving to Russia in order to cash in on the Russian benefits system.)How you handle that in practice in terms of your visa policies is a moot point, but the bottom line must surely be that a lot more Russians are likely to stay over in Britain that Brits are to stay over in Russia.With regard to Sublime Oblivion, may I say I wasn’t peddling my book. I was simply quoting something relevant from it. My book is not for British beta males’. It is for anyone who is interested in Russia, and more especially Moscow. It certainly isn’t anti-Russian. In fact the hero (in his love-struck phase) falls in love with Russia, or at least his interpretation of it, before he comes back down to earth with a bump. My book is an essay about the fascinating differences between Britain and Russia and Britain does not always come out on top. Thus on p290 I write: For as Dave sits at cafes and strolls in parks and soaks up the sun, he asks himself: could Russia in fact be more civilised than Britain?Of course Russia is not more democractic than Britian that much is obvious,and neither is it as wealthy.But on the other hand what have British people used their great freedom and wealth for? And Dave thinks of those terrible scenes played out every Friday and Saturday night in Britain’s town and city centres where young British people use their spare time and money to behave appallingly, turning those town centres into drunken riot zones that no sane person would ever go near And what about those supposedly alcoholic Russians? They have a system of on-street drinking which works wihtout any prolems at all, so that people can have a beer on the street or at a kiosk or on the way home from work, without disturbing anyone. And they’re supposed to be the uncilised ones!’I hope this helpsChristopher CoinAuthor, How To Marry A Russian Bride’

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