My Musical History
Jam Sheriff was born in Nigeria.

He completed his primary and secondary education in Nigeria.

During studies he was actively taking part in musical events and show programs.

Jam completed his studies and got Russian citizenship. He worked as a doctor as well as an artist in Russia.

In 2003, Jam took part in a reality show – star academy and toured over 100 cites of Russia

In 2004, Jam was on the first channel for 3 months in a reality show -Last survivor


The first breakthrough was in 2005 at the Russian national Eurovision contest where Jam performed excellently in a duet and won the semi-finals. At the finals he lost to Natalia Podolskaya.
In 2008, Jam wrote a song “Who am I without your love” for Eurovision but only made it to the finals.
In 2009 Jam completed a Filmmaking course and shot a shot film “Moscow my love”.
In 2009, Jam entered for the Swiss selection with the song “Together”.
Presently, Jam performs as an artist and takes part in different TV show programs in Russia.
Many live television appearances and musical performances
In addition to the above, I have made tours to more than 200 cities within Russia and the former CIS.
I have enclosed video files of some of my performances.