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Конец 2022 будет супер!!! Праздники и Красивые шоу выступления !

Конец 2022 будет супер!!! Праздники и Красивые шоу выступления ! Джем Шериф – участник проекта «Фабрика звезд» (продюсер Игорь Матвиенко), автор многих песен. В репертуаре исполнителя более 50 песен. Артист зажигает любую вечеринку, поражая активными выступлениями и пленяющим вокалом. #певец на праздник, #певец на новый год, #певец на свадьбу, #певец в шоу, #певец на торжество, […]


o mio babbino caro clip to be shot soon

Jam sheriff will shoot a cool video on his new hit song “o mio babbino caro” featuring Liza Z! A scenario has been written! Locations are also been studied, actors are also been searched for! Can’t wait to let this happen soon!


“No more war “- what a song to remember!

12 years ago! 04-02-2005 I had my best performance ever!! No more war ! check out the lyrics! No more war written by Jam Europe , no more war, we want unity, peace and solidarity! 1st verse Why are we destroying ourselves Can’t we stop killing eachother Wasting cash on deadly weapons But somewhere there […]


Exclusive interview with Jam Sheriff

Jam Sheriff is a known name for Eurovision fans. The singer, from Nigeria, took part in the national final for the first time in 2005, when he came second in Russia with Elena Teerleva. After some more tryings, he’s again again on Swiss selection, with the song “One big family”. Check out the exclusive interview […]