One big family

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The track “one big family” is a dance, peace, positive and all generation song for everybody! You will find what you are looking for in music while you listen to this track and you would love to listen and listen all over again to find something new!

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  1. Gurman
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    ck I agree what you think.When I read the news, I kept asking mylsef to define those descriptive words. What does ‘brainwash’ mean to u? It sounds pretty negative, but in my mind it is a pure manipulation game. Who ever could think of an effective way to manipulate how other thinks, I think that’s an act of brainwashing. Advertisements do that to us so everyday, and that is the ultimate aim of an advert; people argue with their partner to get ur point across everyday in order to have the same mind;.. etc. This is how people get a point across. I guess the problem is not about who’s being brainwashed/manipulated, its the fact that people getting manipulated only because they don’t really think, they choose to believe in something appeared to be easiest to believe. Students are the easy targets as they lack of life experience; that’s why their conclusion of their views does not sound convincing.. look at their arguements. My view is, I’m not a big fan of being told what’s right and wrong. U will never feel it until u experienced the benefits or the harm that u tasted. I believe it is the only way to tell right from wrong.. etcEven i dont have a child, I know how easy children could be manipulated/brainwashed.. it is hard to support either “side” if theres only “black and white”; thats why i dont like politics, it eats ur mind up.

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